Brenda committed to a consistent yoga practice once she realized just how much it supported her life off of her mat. Her desire to deepen her own practice led her to her first teacher training at LifePower Yoga in 2014 under Johnny Kest. She ended up completing over 400 hours of Ashtanga-based Vinyasa training in Minnesota and has since supplemented her yang-focused education with Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Trauma Sensitive Yoga training.
     With experience teaching this amazing practice in gyms, corporate offices, private events, yoga studios and eating disorder facilities, she has come to see the common threads that unite all students as they come to their mats.
      Brenda approaches her classes with the goal of empowering each student to light their own spark and become more true to themselves. Each person comes in with a different story and different needs, so she aims to listen emphatically and meet each of them where they. While teaching with accessibility, she enjoys throwing a challenge into the flow – whether it is mental or physical – to give students the opportunity to understand who they are (and where their breath goes) when the pressure is on.