MindBody Online Class Schedule
Basics Yoga: A quiet, slower paced class consisting of a gentle flow sequence followed by restorative yoga postures. Set to soulful music. All levels of practitioners welcome.

Basic Flow: Stillness and clarity result from attention to breath as we move through a flowing physical “asana” yoga practice. The basic postures introduced in Candle Light Basics will serve as our foundation for each class sequence. Utilizing Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements, Basic Flow Yoga will build confidence and help you stay present and centered. We’ll focus on the anatomy and alignment of each pose and modifications are suggested as needed.Some yoga experience is helpful, although not required. Open to everyone with the ability to move through seated, standing, kneeling, and reclined positions unassisted. This class is not heated.

Flow Yoga: An ashtanga-based vinyasa sequence connecting standing poses in a fluid motion for the majority of class followed by floor poses and svasana. Moderate level of intensity. This is not a basics class. Prerequisite: 10 basics classes or previous flow/power experience.

Power/Empower Yoga: An ashtanga-based vinyasa class, featuring more vigorous and challenging poses. A higher intensity sequence with more core, balance, and strength work. Bring a sweat towel for your face and for your mat! This is not a basics class. Prerequisite: 10 basics classes or previous flow/power experience.

Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga is a vigorous practice which invites students to move through sun salutations and a set sequence of poses linked by the ujjayi breath, a specific breathing technique that heats the body. The combination of breath, posture and movement helps to stretch and strengthen the body, release impurities, and focus and calm the mind. The practice of Ashtanga yoga was introduced to the modern world by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois allowing students to experience this ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. Students new to ashtanga are required to take at least 10 Basics classes and/or 10 Flow classes before trying Ashtanga Yoga. Although Ashtanga has a reputation for being a demanding discipline, every pose can be modified so that this style can be practiced by anyone willing to work at it. Please inform the instructor if you have had any previous injuries. Let the quality of your practice be measured by the quality of your breath.

Candlelight Basics: A flowing sequence class concentrating on more basic poses. Thorough instruction and attention to detail. A great class for practitioners of any level looking for a lower intensity class.

Deep Stretch: AKA “yin yoga”. Postures generally held for a full five minutes. Works deeper into the layers of connective tissue. Whereas flow and power may stretch your muscles, deep stretch will concentrate on the fascia, creating length and improving flexibility. A great compliment to any yoga practice. Recharge your energy, rejuvenate, revitalize, and restore.

Energy Core Barre: Krysia Energy Yoga's signature Barre program. First, tone and firm with ballet-inspired exercises on the barre. Second, fire up your core with Pilates abdominal and posture-strengthening exercises on the mat. Third, cool down with yoga movements designed to lengthen, stretch and connect your spirit to mind and body.

Gentle Yoga : A gentle class which will utilize a chair, ballet barres, and yoga blocks to bring stability, balance, and ease to yoga making it accessible to every body. Proper alignment integrated with calming breath is the most therapeutic thing you can do for your body, so key principles of alignment, gentle stretching, breath, and relaxation will be the primary focus of this class.

Kids Yoga: Yoga offers a forum for children to exercise independently in a noncompetitive, yet focused environment. Developing strength and balance, children learn to support their own weight in new ways. Practice encourages good posture and body alignment, fusing stretching with balancing. Kids learn focus and concentration, as they must control their movements to the specific pose or series of poses

Meditation Sanga: Research has proven that meditation has many benefits including reducing stress, improving health and relationships while enhancing creativity, concentration and awareness. This meditation practice will nurture the spirit to establish inner peace and calm leading to a more balanced and richer life when practiced regularly. 

ZUMBA! A rhythmic Latin dance fitness class based in the world beats of salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggae-tone, hip hop, and belly dance. Keep moving, have fun, and drink plenty of water! Recommend bringing a sweat towel for this class as well!

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Private massage: $60 per hour

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