I have been a life-long seeker. (To quote David Swenson: "I felt like a fish swimming in the ocean looking here and there for the ocean itself".) When I found yoga, it was like a homecoming. I immersed myself in it, finding peace, awareness and the tools needed to continue the journey. The fact that yoga is so good for me physically was just the "cherry on top"! Yoga, in all of its forms, is a life-changer.​

Wanting to learn more and share yoga with others, I received my training & certification from the fabulous Marni Task. I have been fortunate to study with Ginny Walters and host of marvelous teachers including Max Strom and Janet Stone.

When I'm not "on the mat", I am a vocalist, the Human Resources Manager at Bella Capelli Sanctuario, part-time bookkeeper for Kane Podiatry (my husband's practice) and mother to 3 beautiful teenage daughters.

I look forward to sharing this yoga journey with you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.