Emily Difiore, 200H R.Y.T.

Yoga found me about 15 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school, looking for some stretching after longer runs on the treadmill at a local gym. My class had mostly elderly people, including my great aunt and uncle. I was intrigued by the practice and dedication of the students who showed up on the mat every week, and eventually I followed. I practiced yoga initially for the intense stretching but soon became addicted to the calming effect it had on my body during and after savasana. I soon realized that this practice was sacred and very spiritual, and I kept coming back week after week. After practicing for over 15 years, and being a school teacher myself, I knew I wanted to learn more about the practice and eventually start teaching yoga. I found my Teacher Marni Task through multiple friends, and knew I was destined to be her student. I completed my 200 hour training in May of 2016 in Jivasara yoga, which is a blend of Jivamukti and Anusara style. My philosophy in yoga is that it is a practice, and everyday your body is in a different state of being. Although we cannot control our physical body, we can control, or learn to control our breath. After YTT I realized how important the breath is and how it is a great asset to our life and practice. The breath has the power to change our state, and along with the physical movements or asana and intention we have our yoga practice or “union” of all of those things. Yoga has truly changed my life and I use many of the tools I teach in class on and off the mat.