Krysia Maciuszko, M.N., R.N., E.R.Y.T.500

Krysia discovered yoga at One to One, in Cleveland, Ohio, thanks to Deanna Black in the year 2001. While working as a registered nurse in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit, she found yoga to be a great escape from the hectic and stressful environment of a level 1 trauma center hospital. Krysia began teaching ashtanga vinyasa yoga in 2003, boldly changing careers, immersing herself entirely into yoga.​

Krysia has been positively influenced by many wonderful teachers, including: Dave and Cheryl Oliver, John Salisbury, Alex Austin, Jenn Chiarelli, David Romanelli, Mimi Solaire, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, Larry Schultz, David Swenson, Kino MacGregor, Jorgen Christiansson, and Dharma Mittra. She believes that as long as your actions come from an intention of love and compassion, you can be sure that you are living authentically, that you are doing the right thing in life. Krysia seeks to end suffering and violence through yoga, meditation, and a peace-loving message.

Krysia's fun and upbeat classes are inspired by the philosophy of At One Yoga, uniting western culture's fashion, music, and technology, with eastern culture's sacred rituals and tradition. In class, the student can expect a challenging vinyasa flow, with positive, energizing music. With a heartfelt message, Krysia encourages her students to let go, surrender, and create a positive vibration in their body, mind, and spirit. Come to sweat, smile, and blissfully set yourself free.

lululemon athletica ambassador 2010, Scottsdale, AZ