Mello Mitchell

I was introduced to meditation, internal energy flow and healing as a student of martial arts fourteen years ago. A regular meditation practice then led to a spontaneous awakening. This set my life on a new trajectory moving away from a Type A behavior, stress and fear to that of reconnecting to inner peace as emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing occurred. My daily meditation practice lengthened, even while working in a hectic business environment with constant travel and raising a family, as the benefits of meditation continued to unfold.

Sharing with others practices and techniques for living so that they may find or deepen inner peace and live a more free and balanced life is now my passion. The foundation for this sharing is a MBA, Black Belt in Karate and training in Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I am a Reiki Master, a Yuen Method® Healing Practitioner and have been initiated in mantra healing under the guidance of a Himalayan Master. I am a Certified Meditation Instructor, 180 hours, with the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and have previous experience as a meditation instructor.

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